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La-Z-Boy Ally Silver Luxury Lift Power Recliner


Traditional style gets a high tech update with our Ally Luxury-Lift® recliner. With an easy to use remote, the power to sit,

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La-Z-Boy Astor Platinum Luxury Lift Power-Recline-XR


To some, the Astor Platinum Luxury-Lift PowerReclineXR+ seems larger than life. Not necessarily because of its generous proportions, but rather all it

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La-Z-Boy James Silver Luxury Lift Power Recliner


Sometimes you can have it all, and our James Luxury-Lift® recliner is proof. Comfortable, cool and laid back, James makes relaxing look

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La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Platinum Luxury Lift Power-Recline-XR


Nothing makes relaxing more uplifting than the Pinnacle Platinum Luxury-Lift® recliner’s easy-going attitude. With the power to sit, stand and recline at

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