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La-Z-Boy Addison Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Looks can be deceiving and sometimes for the better. After all, would you have guessed Addison reclines just inches from a wall?

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La-Z-Boy Agent Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


 Not only is the Agent the epitome of fit, form and function, its contemporary lines and exaggerated head roll and supportive back and

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La-Z-Boy Amelia Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Amelia puts a decidedly feminine spin on comfort. More petite in scale, with roll arms, button details and a skirted chaise seat

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La-Z-Boy Asher Reclina-Way Chaise Wall Recliner


This large-scale recliner is the ultimate relaxing spot for big time comfort seekers. It’s no wonder. The Ultra Plush T-chaise seat construction

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La-Z-Boy Aspen La-Z-Time Recliner


Clean contemporary lines combined with generous seating make the Aspen recliner a destination for comfort. Sink back and relax in deep cushioning

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La-Z-Boy Aspen Power La-Z-Time Recliner


Clean contemporary lines combined with generous seating make the Aspen power recliner a destination for comfort. Sink back, relax and recline at

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La-Z-Boy Astor Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice big comfort because you’re small on space. That’s why this grandiose Astor reclines just a few inches

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La-Z-Boy Barrett Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


With sleek design lines and a sculpted bucket seat, our Bartlett recliner makes comfort cool. You can recline and relax cradled in softness

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La-Z-Boy Baylor Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


It reclines just inches from a wall. Plus, it has incredible structured arms and it’s as comfortable as all get-out. Living Room Color:

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La-Z-Boy Briggs Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


The Briggs recliner is the perfect combination of cool and comfortable. Generously cushioned comfort with soft shirring on the back and footrest, and

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La-Z-Boy Casey Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Casey doesn’t just take a load off your feet, it takes a load off of your mind. After all, it’s hard not

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La-Z-Boy Coleman Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Even with a smaller scale, Coleman is still big on comfort thanks to inviting cushions, chaise seat for added leg support  and reclining

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La-Z-Boy Collage Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Collage is everything you’ve ever wanted in a recliner and more. Handsome and dependable, it also reclines just inches from a wall.

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La-Z-Boy Connor Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Attractive and inviting, the Conner recliner is comfortable in any room. Combining pillowy softness with just the right amount of support. Living

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La-Z-Boy Crandell Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Crandell goes where most recliners haven’t gone before. Partly because it reclines just inches from a wall. And partly because, well, just

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La-Z-Boy Easton Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


The Easton recliner is the perfect choice for you thanks to its irresistible curves, amazing comfort and smooth reclining motion. As stylish

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La-Z-Boy Fortune Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Fortune is a natural beauty. Blessed with luxuriously padded arms and semi-attached back pillows, it also reclines just inches from a wall.

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La-Z-Boy Forum Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


This Forum recliner is a gathering of everything that’s great about contemporary style. Its slim silhouette makes it ideal for smaller spaces,

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La-Z-Boy Gibson Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Tufted enough for you? As if the billowy back and extra-padded seat aren’t reasons enough to make the Gibson Reclina-Way® yours, plush

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La-Z-Boy Greyson Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Sleekly styled with alluring curves and inviting cushions, the Greyson reclining room group is destined to be everyone’s favorite relaxing spot. Offered

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La-Z-Boy Harbor Town Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Designed to accommodate smaller room sizes, this softly styled recliner offers plenty of soothing comfort. Featuring a channel-stitched back, shirred fabric details,

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La-Z-Boy Hayes Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Just look at those padded arms and back. What’s more, it lets you adjust your legs and feet independent of each other,

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La-Z-Boy James Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


Comfortable, cool and laid back, James makes relaxing look as great as it feels with smooth reclining motion. With an inviting bucket

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La-Z-Boy Jasper Reclina-Way Wall Recliner


When it comes to comfort, bigger is better with the Jasper recliner. Generous in scale, with pillow arms and a stitched pillow

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